Spray Gun - Atomizer Nano Blue Light Disinfectant Mist Gold

Spray Gun - Atomizer Nano Blue Light Disinfectant Mist Gold

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 Nano Blue Light Spray Gun Gold 

A handheld nano sprayer can be used to apply aftershaves or astringents to clients thanks to a fine comfortable mist. 

Also used to disinfect surfaces and remove odors from your shop, home, car, etc. It can also add other liquids to the spray bottle for use with house plants.

The Nano Sprayer with a blue light is equipped with a USB charging cable for wireless, powered spray use. 

Squeeze the trigger and the product will dispense until you release the trigger.
Red light indicates charging and when the light turns off it is fully charged. 

The rechargeable blue nano-blue atomizer needs to be fully charged before use. It takes two hours to charge each time and can be used continuously for three hours.

Instructions for use: 
- Charge unit before use
-Fill container with diluted disinfectants or alcohol (be sure to use disinfectants as directed by label)
-Spray as desired